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Bright Quizzes is currently undergoing some changes, and until those changes are complete, no new customers are being accepted. Customers with a current One-Year Access Pass will still be able to access the quizzes using the User Name and Password assigned to them. I hope to open the site to new customers again beginning in January 2018.


QUESTION: What is Bright Quizzes?
ANSWER: Bright Quizzes is an online business that provides high-quality comprehension quizzes for award-winning and popular children's books.
QUESTION: What type of quizzes are provided at Bright Quizzes?
ANSWER: For some books, Whole Book Tests are provided. A Whole Book Test is a test that covers the contents of an entire book. For other books, there are Complete Quiz Sets. A Complete Quiz Set is a set of quizzes covering individual sections of a book. Depending on the length of the book and on the complexity of the plot, a Complete Quiz Set can have anywhere between 3-16 quizzes.
QUESTION: What is the benefit of using book section quizzes that make up Complete Quiz Sets rather than just using a Whole Book Test?
ANSWER: Both types of assessments are valuable. As a former teacher, I discovered that many students found the task of reading an entire book to be quite daunting. However, when asked to read just one section of a book, the task seemed much more doable. The child reads a section of a book and then takes a short comprehension quiz over that section. In my experience, as long as a student has been paired with a book that is at the right reading level for him and as long as the student has actually read the assigned section of the book, the child will pass the quiz with a score of 80% or higher. This provides the child with a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence. And this sense of accomplishment and increased confidence provides motivation for the child to read the next section of the book, and then the next one, until the child has finished the entire book.
QUESTION: Who writes the quizzes provided at Bright Quizzes?
ANSWER: With the exception of quizzes for just two Complete Quiz Sets, I have personally read and written every Quiz provided at Bright Quizzes.
QUESTION: Are the quizzes provided at Bright Quizzes similar to the A.R. Quizzes my child takes at school?
ANSWER: They are similar in that the quizzes at both sites are reading comprehension quizzes designed to determine whether or not a child has read and understood a given book. As far as I know as of this writing, Renaissance Learning (the company that provides A.R. quizzes) provides Whole Book Tests but does not provide book section quizzes.
QUESTION: If my child takes the quizzes provided at Bright Quizzes, will this help him to pass an A.R. Test on the same book at school?
ANSWER: As mentioned earlier in this FAQ, I write all of my comprehension quizzes myself, and I have no way of knowing whether or not the questions I write are similar to questions on A.R. tests. However, many parents have reported to me that using my quizzes have helped reduce anxiety and increase confidence in their children before taking a high-stakes A.R. test at school and that this has often resulted in the desired outcome of passing A.R. tests at school and of helping their children to become better readers.
QUESTION: What happens when I purchase a Subscription at Bright Quizzes?
ANSWER: Within one to two hours after I receive notification of your purchase (and often much sooner than that), you will receive a Welcome Email from polly@brightquizzes.com. The email will provide you with your User Name and Password. When attempting to access a premium quiz, you will be prompted for a User Name and Password. You can then enter the User Name and Password provided to you in your Welcome Email, and the quiz will load.
QUESTION: I purchased the Classroom Subscription, and I would like to allow all 35 of my students to access the premium quizzes. Will I receive User Names and Passwords for all 35 students?
ANSWER: No. You will receive one User Name and Password, and all of your students will access the quizzes using your User Name and Password.
QUESTION: Can I give out my User Name and Password to my students or post it on my classroom webpage?
ANSWER: No. You are not permitted to give out your User Name and Password to anyone other than a trusted parent volunteer or paraprofessional educator. The parent volunteer or paraprofessional educator can then assist you by logging students in to the quizzes.
QUESTION: Will my students need to be logged in every time one of them takes a quiz?
ANSWER: That depends. If you or one of your assistants logs a student in to the quizzes on a computer, new students will not need to be logged in unless the browswer window containing the Bright Quizzes website is closed. As long as the browser window containing the website is not closed, students can take quizzes all day without the need to be logged in again.
QUESTION: What type of reporting is provided on my students' performance?
ANSWER: No reporting is provided. When a student finishes taking a quiz, her score will be displayed on the final quiz slide. At this time, the student can alert you or your assistant that she has completed the quiz. Your assistant can then record the student's results. The window containing the quiz can then be closed since it is on top of the browswer window containing the actual website.
QUESTION: I would like for my students to be able to take quizzes at home. How can they do that if I am not allowed to share my log-in credentials with them?
ANSWER: If students would like to take quizzes at home, their parent or guardian will need to purchase a Family Subscription for home use.
QUESTION: Is there a limit to how many quizzes my students can take each month?
ANSWER: There is no official limit. However, if, in my sole discretion, I determine that the quizzes are being acccessed do not match the subscription plan you purchased, I reserve the right to cancel your subscription.
QUESTION: I have more questions. What should I do?
ANSWER: Feel free to send me an email, and I will be happy to answer your questions as quickly as possible!


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