QUESTION: What happens after I purchase a Subscription?
ANSWER: Within fifteen minutes to one hour after signing up, you will receive a Welcome Email from This email will contain your User Name and Password. If you have not received your Welcome Email within one hour of making your purchase, please email me at
QUESTION: How do I cancel my subscription?
ANSWER: To cancel your subscription, please send an email to with the word cancel in the subject line. Once you have sent that email, you should receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours. Very infrequently, an email may be sent that I do not receive. In that case, you will not receive a confirmation email, and your subscription will not be canceled. If you do not receive a cancellation confirmation email, please email me again. Until you receive a confirmation email, your subscription will not be canceled, and you will continue to be responsible for ongoing monthly payments.

If you have emailed me, and you still have not received a confirmation email, you can call PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 and request that they cancel your subscription for you. You can do this even if you used a credit card and not a PayPal account to purchase and pay for your subscription. If PayPal cancels your subscription, you will receive a cancellation from PayPal rather than from me.
QUESTION: I am a teacher, if I purchase a Monthly Subscription to BrightQuizzes.Com, how many students may I allow to access the quizzes?
ANSWER: If you are a teacher, a principal, or a media school specialist, and you have purchased a School Subscription, you may allow all the students in your school to access the quizzes, but they are only to access the quizzes on devices when they are at school and when school is in session.
QUESTION: I am a grandparent, if I purchase a Monthly Subscription to BrightQuizzes.Com, how many of my grandchildren may I allow to access the quizzes?
ANSWER: If you are a parent or a grandparent, you may allow all of your children and/or granchildren to access the quizzes, at any time, on all of the devices your family owns.
QUESTION: If I purchase a Subscription, am I obligated to keep my Subscription for any period of time?
ANSWER: No. You are free to cancel your Subscription at any time. Once you cancel your Subscription, your access to the quizzes will continue until one month from the date of your last Subscription payment. At that time, your access to the quizzes will be terminated.
QUESTION: I am a school media specialist, and I purchased a School Subscription so that all of the students in my school can access the quizzes during school hours. In the TERMS OF SERVICE, it is stated that teachers are not allowed to give out their User Names and Passwords. If I am not allowed to give out my User Name and Password to students, how will the students be able to log in to the quizzes?
ANSWER: Teachers can log students in themselves, or they can ask a paraprofessional educator or a trusted student aid to log students in using the teacher's official User Name and Password to the quizzes. Once the first student has been logged in to the quizzes on a given device, other students will not have to be logged in again as long as the browser window containing the BrightQuizzes.Com website has not been closed. Once the browser window has been closed (or if your history has been deleted), then the teacher, paraprofessional, parent volunteer, or student aid will need to log students into the quizzes once again.
QUESTION: When I purchase a Subscription to be used by all of the students in my school, will I receive a User Name and Password for each student?
ANSWER: No. You will receive just one User Name and Password, and you will use that User Name and Password to log your students in to the quizzes using the instructions provided in the previous Question and Answer.
QUESTION: How will my students' quiz scores be tracked?
ANSWER: No system for tracking quiz scores is provided. However, when the student completes a quiz, she is shown a screen on which her quiz score will appear. At this point, the teacher (or a teacher's paraprofessional educator) can look at the screen and record the result.

When taking the quiz on most laptop and/or desktop computers, students will have the option of printing their quiz results. (This feature is not currently available on the iPad.)
QUESTION: I am looking for practice A.R. quizzes. How is your site similar to the A.R. or Renaissance site used in many public and private schools?
ANSWER: Well, first of all, my site is much, much, MUCH smaller than the Renaissance website. I have personally read every book for which quizzes are provided on my website, and with the exception of quizzes included in just two quiz sets, I have personally written every quiz as well.

Another difference between BrightQuizzes.Com and the Renaissance website is that the Renaissance website provides individual log-ins for each student and tracking tools for teachers. As described in this Question and Answer FAQ, BrightQuizzes.Com does not provide tools for tracking student scores nor does it provide individual log-ins for every student in a family or school.

One way that BrightQuizzes.Com is similar to the Renaissance website is that BrightQuizzes.Com provides comprehension quizzes for popular and award-winning books for children. While BrightQuizzes.Com does not in any way guarantee that using my practice quizzes will result in a child passing an A.R. test at school, I have had many parents report that taking my practice quizzes before taking an A.R. test at school has helped their child to feel less anxiety and increased confidence as well as to achieve the desired outcome. Furthermore, parents have reported that having their children take book section quizzes at my site as the children are reading a given book provides them with less anxiety and increased confidence that their child really is reading and comprehending a given book.
QUESTION: I am a teacher. Can I give out my User Name and Password to my students so that they can take the quizzes at home?
ANSWER: No. If students wish to take quizzes at home, their parents will need to purchase a Subscription for the children in their family to use.
QUESTION: How many quizzes are available at BrightQuizzes.Com?
ANSWER: As of September 23, 2017, BrightQuizzes.Com has quizzes available for 355 books. Of these 355 books, Complete Quiz Sets are available for 159 books.

I am adding new quizzes all the time! Check the "What's New" page frequently to see what new titles have been added.
QUESTION: I purchased a Monthly Subscription to use with the students in my school. I think that our school's User Name and Password may have accidentally been compromised. What should I do?
ANSWER: Just email me to let me know, and I will assign a new User Name and Password to your school. If I become aware of this happening on my own, I will change your User Name and Password, and then I will send you an email to let you know.

Also, if you become aware that another customer's User Name and Password is being publicized or that the quizzes themselves are being redistributed in any way, please let me know. This way, I can correct the situation and help make the quizzes secure for all of my customers.
QUESTION: Can I take a look at your TERMS OF SERVICE?
ANSWER: You sure can! The TERMS OF SERVICE can be viewed here.
QUESTION: I have more questions. What should I do?
ANSWER: Please feel free to email me, and I will do my best to respond to your email as quickly as possible.


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