QUESTION: What happens after I have purchased an Access Pass at BrightQuizzes.Com?

ANSWER: When you complete your purchase of an Access Pass at BrightQuizzes.Com, you will be taken to a Thank You Page that will confirm your purchase. The Thank You page will provide you with a temporary User Name and Password that you can use to gain immediate access to the quizzes at BrightQuizzes.Com.

Within 24 hours (and often much sooner than that) after making your purchase, you will receive a Welcome Email from The Welcome Email will provide you with your "official" User Name and Password. Once you receive your Welcome Email, you should use your official User Name and Password to access the quizzes at BrightQuizzes.Com. You will also be able to use your official User Name and Password to access the quizzes at AllQuizzes.Net. The temporary User Name and Password you received at checkout will expire within a day or two after you make your purchase.

QUESTION: I have noticed that you have some quizzes that are available at AllQuizzes.Net that are not available at BrightQuizzes.Com. When I purchase access to BrightQuizzes.Com, will I also have access to the quizzes at AllQuizzes.Net?

ANSWER: I am currently in the process of rebuilding AllQuizzes.Net as BrightQuizzes.Com. At AllQuizzes.Net, some of my quizzes are iPad ready and others are not. As I convert all of the quizzes at AllQuizzes.Net so that they are iPad ready and are acessible on as many devices as possible, I am making those quizzes available at BrightQuizzes.Com. At BrightQuizzes.Com, ALL quizzes are iPad ready.

Once I have finished converting all of the quizzes at AllQuizzes.Net and have finished making those quizzes available at BrightQuizzes.Com, I will be closing AllQuizzes.Net entirely. Until that time, when you purchase access to the quizzes at BrightQuizzes.Com, you will also receive access to all of the quizzes available at AllQuizzes.Net. The User Name and Password that you are given will work at both sites. Please just keep in mind that not all of the quizzes available at AllQuizzes.Net are iPad ready.

QUESTION: When my Access Pass expires, will I be automatically charged for a new one?

ANSWER: No. When you purchase an Access Pass, you will not be automatically charged for a new Access Pass. Instead, your User Name and Password will be deactivated, and you can decide at that time whether or not you wish to purchase access again.

QUESTION: I would like to purchase access for longer than 10 weeks. How do I do that?

ANSWER: Technically, you can only purchase an Access Pass for up to 10 weeks at one time. However, if you purchase a new Access Pass before your current Access Pass expires, I will add the period of time you purchased with the new Access Pass to the expiration date of your current Access Pass.

For example, if on September 1, 2020, you purchased a 1 Week Access Pass, your Access Pass would expire on September 8, 2020. If on September 5, 2020, you then purchased a 10 Week Access Pass, I would add those 10 weeks to your original expiration date of September 8, and your access would continue until November 17, 2020. This would result in no interruption to your access for whatever period of time you desire.

QUESTION: Once I have purchased an Access Pass, may I allow all of the students in my class to access the quizzes?

ANSWER: Teachers who purchase an Access Pass are licensed to access the quizzes they have purchased for use with current students (up to 150 students) on all computers and devices owned or leased by and residing in (at the time the device is used to access the quizzes) the school at which they are employed. The teacher (or the teacher's paraprofessional educator) is required to personally log students in (using the teacher's official User Name and Password) to the quizzes.

Once the first student has been logged in to quizzes, other students will not have to be logged in again as long as the browser window containing the BrightQuizzes.Com website has not been closed. Once the browser window has been closed (or if your history has been deleted), then the teacher or paraprofessional will need to log students into the quizzes once again.

With the exception of one or two paraprofessional educators working directly with a teacher, teachers are not permitted to give out their User Names and Passwords to students, to parents, to other teachers, or to anyone else. Teachers are not permitted to post their User Names and Passwords on the Internet, on an intranet, on a page inside a Learning Management System, or anywhere else.

Parents who purchase an Access Pass are licensed to access the quizzes for use with their children on up to 15 devices. Parents must follow the same rules outlined above for teachers in regard to giving out their User Name and Password.

QUESTION: How will my student's quiz scores be tracked?

ANSWER: No system for tracking quiz scores is provided. However, when the student completes a quiz, she is shown a screen on which her quiz score will appear. At this point, the teacher (or a teacher's paraprofessional educator) can look at the screen and record the result.

When taking the quiz on most laptop and/or desktop computers, students will have the option of printing their quiz results. (This feature is not currently available on the iPad.)

QUESTION: How many quizzes are available at BrightQuizzes.Com?

As of April 15, 2017, BrightQuizzes.Com has quizzes available for 341 books. Of these 341 books, Complete Quiz Sets are available for 152 books.

Quizzes for an additional 179 books are available, as is, at AllQuizzes.Net.

When you purchase access to BrightQuizzes.Com, you also receive access to AllQuizzes.Net. The quizzes at AllQuizzes.Net will continue to be available to BrightQuizzes.Com customers until all of the quizzes at AllQuizzes.Net have been updated and moved to BrightQuizzes.Com.

I am adding new quizzes all the time! Check the "What's New" page frequently to see what new titles have been added.

QUESTION: I still have questions. What should I do?

ANSWER: Please feel free to email me, and I will do my best to respond to your email as quickly as possible.